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Recommended Food

Our journey of raising dogs naturally has taught us so many things. 

We have witnessed overall improvement in health, muscle tone, bone

formation, and temperament, as well as disease reversal.

Feeding a natural raw food diet eliminates the sugars and chemicals

found in dry dog food. An added bonus to feeding raw is that you do you not have to worry about brushing your dog's teeth. They stay pure white!

We strongly encourage this diet for any dog you adopt from us.


Need more information? Here are some additional resources on feeding raw.

Penny & Will 

Alternate Diet

  We do understand there are reasons a raw food diet

may not work for everyone.

If you are unable to feed raw, we recommend feeding grain-free All Life Stage Dog Food.



All of our parents and puppies are on

NuVet Plus Natural Vitamins and Supplements.



We do not vaccinate our own dogs and use Nosodes to protect them instead.  You can find more information on Nosodes on our Resource page.

We also give our dogs only one rabies vaccine and then have Titers Draw every three years, which always come back indicating the dogs have the antibodies needed and do not need another vaccine. Ask your vet about Titers.


We use no chemicals with any of our animals, including tick and flea chemicals.  We use Cedarcide for ticks and fleas, black flies, and mosquitoes.

While natural rearing is best, we encourage veterinary advice and
conventional medical interventions when appropriate.



We have dedicated the last 30 years to researching the perfect balance of food, exercise, healthcare, and overall wellness in our dogs. Below is a compilation of that research and what we believe is the healthiest way to raise your new Stronghold puppy. We encourage you to view all these resources.

Here at Stronghold, we very much respect the work of Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, the most followed veterinarian in the world. She has a common sense approach to raising companion animals that aligns with our research.

Spaying & Neutering

Raw Food Diet

Training Your Puppy

Providing proper training to your puppy is essential for anyone wanting a well mannered adult dog. We highly recommend Baxter & Bella's Online Puppy School where both you and your dog can learn in the comfort of your own home.

We have partnered with them so our adoptive families can receive a discount on their services. If you decide to use Baxter & Bella, use Code STRONGHOLD and you'll receive 25% off your training.


Penny's Picks

Occasionally, I come across items that I feel can benefit to your new puppy in regards to safety or overall physical and mental wellbeing. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

I have become an Amazon Affiliate, so if you make a purchase using one of the links below, I receive a small referral fee which I use to help offset our Rescue program expenses.

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