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Our Dogs

To maintain top mental and physical health, dogs should be reared in a

non-kennel environment.  All of our dogs are allowed daily off-leash time to

exercise, interaction and play with our other dogs, farm animals, and humans.

To maintain the quality of our breeding program, we only have a

certain number of litters at a time, allowing us to give each puppy

the time and attention it needs to be ready for its new home.

Our Parents

The Puppies


The Parents

At Stronghold, we allow our puppies to nurse as long as the mom is willing. We have learned the longer the pups nurse, the healthier and more well adjusted they are.

We introduce a supplement diet at around 4 weeks of age, starting off with a simple gruel.  By the 5th week, meat is introduced along with soft bones. By 8 weeks, the puppies are eating 3 meals a day.  

Detailed health records are kept on each of our puppies throughout their growth cycle. Temperament tests are done at 7 weeks by outside trainers.

These are important steps in ensuring we match each puppies' temperament with the best new home possible. 

Our Rescues


My love of animals was installed in my heart as a young child.  My father and I helped many animals that were either homeless or were sick and in need of treatment.  Whispering Heart Farm is also a home for animals in need. 


When we bring rescues into our home, it benefits everyone.  Our rescues get the benefit of learning to socialize with our dogs and all the animals on the farm - alpacas, horses, cats, chickens, and geese - and the rescues help us by socializing with our puppies.

We get many requests to take in rescues, especially shepherds.  We help as many as we can, but unfortunately, we are limited by time, space, and resources. The best we can do is to help train and rehabilitate the ones we can take so they can go to loving and appropriate homes.

If you are interested in becoming a foster home for one of our rescues or are interested in possibility adopting, please contact us.


When purchasing products for your dog, consider purchasing through my Amazon Affiliates program.

I receive a small amount for the sale which is used to support our rescue efforts.

Donate to our Rescues

Our work with Rescues is a labor of love but it doesn't come without significant cost. If you would like to make a donation to help us in our rescue work, please use the QR Code to the right and mark your gift as 'Rescues'.


P.S. Please note that donations are not tax deductible.

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