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Welcome to
Stronghold German Shepherds

Strong enough to protect your home, gentle enough to play with your children.


Around the Farm

Penny & Will Strong

For the past 30 years, Stronghold has been breeding and selling top of the line West and

East German Shepherd dogs.  We started breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers six

years ago, and recently added Maine Coon Cats to the mix.  It's a three-generation family



We breed healthy dogs with balanced intelligence, character, beauty, and sound nerve, making

them excellent family companions. All sires and dams are tested and cleared of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), and have passed Osteosarcoma (OSA), the most common type of bone tumors in dogs.


                                Our dogs and pups are raised inside our home and are treated as members of our family.                                                                They are always attune to where we are, and are particularly watchful of our grandchildren.

                       We live on 35 acres of fields and woods with a large pond which the dogs enjoy daily

                   during  the non-winter months. 

                    Starting at 6 weeks of age, our puppies are socialized with all of the farm animals we

                    have here on Whispering Heart Farm: cats, geese, horses, chickens, alpacas, bunnies,

                    and Tansy the Cow!

                   Thank you for your interest in our beautiful animals.

Our Family



My love of animals was instilled in my heart as a young child. My father and I helped many animals that were either homeless or were sick and in need of treatment.

I married young and became a home provider for people with special needs when I was 20. I loved the freedom this gave me to raise my three children and several foster children in a way that was important to me, including homeschooling. I now homeschool a few of my grandchildren. 

I hold certifications in Aroma Freedom, Nutrition, Iridology, Reflexology, Holistic Dog Training, Holistic Dog Breeding, Energy Work, and Raindrop for Animals, healing physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

Our home, Whispering Heart Farm, is also a home for animals in need. We take in many rescue animals and try to find them good homes.



Born and raised in a large family farm in Craftsbury Common, Vermont, I learned what hard work truly means.  In addition to my work here on the farm, I serve as Assistant Chief of our local fire department, and volunteer with New England Search & Rescue.  

Growing up, my passions were border collies and working on the farm, racing snow machines, canoeing the Allagash, and sawmilling in the woods. 

Will w-puppies.jpeg
Cheyanne Thompson_edited.jpg



I'm a busy mom raising and homeschooling four children. All of us are involved on the farm.


Homeschooling allows my children to learn so much more about life than traditional school settings allow.  Being a part of everyday farm life and a warm family environment, my children learn social and emotional wellbeing along with regular academics.

In addition to raising my family, I also raise English Chocolate Labradors and English Goldadors. You can find out more about my dogs at Kingdom English Labradors.

Theron w-kitty_inPixio.jpg



Being raised here on the farm has given me an incredibly rich childhood. Along with my love of animals, I also love the outdoors and natural living, going canoeing and camping with my father on the Allagash, forging metal, singing and playing music, and cooking.

I have a lot of cats and have saved many felines as well as other animals. I create heated cat houses and good food for our feral cat community. I take care of the rescued animals here on Whispering Heart Farm.

I have recently started breeding Maine Coon Cats making this a true family business!



My wife Emily and I run a family business of our own, CT Stoneworks and Landscaping. We have one daughter named Hyla. As you can imagine, Hyla loves all types of animals, particularly her pony Prancer.

Because of our businesses, we are not as actively involved on Whispering Heart Farm as the rest of my family. We keep busy with the landscaping business, our maple sugaring operation, and our country store in Craftsbury called 'Thompson's Country Store.'

Cody & Family USE.jpg
Around the Farm


I would give Penny 5 stars! She loves animals and asked us as many questions as we asked her. We wanted a smaller female than our previous dog. We now have a 75-pound female and couldn't be happier.


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